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At COGNOSCENTI INTEGRATED SERVICES, LTD our financial management arm, COGNOSCENTI COMMERCIAL CONSULTS is built to deliver service excellence in all its activities and is committed to offering a tax management service at the highest professional level. It is committed to developing itself as a highly disciplined, reputable professional and a leading tax management outfit.

In pursuit of excellence, the company has combined the very best of capital, human and technology resources to deliver its philosophy, which is: Integrity, Efficiency and Utmost professional Delivery.

COGNOSCENTI COMMERCIAL CONSULTS have successfully provided tax management services to major corporations, small businesses and individuals alike for over five years with tailored service portfolio to suit your specific needs and we treat our clients like lifetime partners.

We specialize in tax management services, registration of company for various taxes, filing of tax returns, responding to tax queries, tax planning service, tax advisory and computation of tax liability.


Business Operation Freedom

Accurate TAX collation & Remittance

Protection of Business Transactions

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